Rifaximin Post-Treatment, Day 5

8:30 am - Woke up clear headed and pretty refreshed. Still a bit nauseous and depressed, however. Stomach is also sore. Upon Waking (high = bad) Sensitivity to FODMAPS – ?/10 Brain fog – 1/10 Head pressure – 1/10 Bloating – 3/10 Anxiety – 1/10 Depression – 4/10 (high = good) Overall well being –… Continue reading Rifaximin Post-Treatment, Day 5


Rifaximin Post-Treatment, Day 4

7:30 am - Woke up two hours earlier than normal feeling nice and refreshed (!!), but was too cozy and decided to go back to sleep. It was surprisingly difficult to fall back asleep as I felt wide awake - another good sign. 8:30 - Woke up for realsies. Feeling pretty refreshed. Head feels woozy,… Continue reading Rifaximin Post-Treatment, Day 4

Rifaximin Post-Treatment, Day 3

9:00 am - woke up with more fog than the past couple days. Stomach is sore too. Really tired again but I attribute this to the fact that it's been dark and rainy here in Niagara for the past week. Mood is still fine. Upon Waking (high = bad) Sensitivity to FODMAPS – ?/10 Brain… Continue reading Rifaximin Post-Treatment, Day 3

Rifaximin Post-Treatment, Day 2

9:00 am Again, woke up feeling mostly clear headed. Still experiencing some other issues not listed below, fatigue being one of them, but I am happy with the improvements I've experienced thus far. Right now I'm banking on the fact that I'll sustain these improvements if I work hard to foster the regrowth of a… Continue reading Rifaximin Post-Treatment, Day 2

Rifaximin Post-Treatment, Day 1

9:00 am - Woke up feeling pretty clear headed, with mild head pressure. Mood also much better than it has been the past week or so. Stomach still grumbly, but surprisingly no bloating. Took small amounts of Prebiogen again (the light parts of the powder at least..) this morning and tolerated it quite well. Good… Continue reading Rifaximin Post-Treatment, Day 1

Rifaximin Treatment, Day 14

Tough decision to make here - seems like the antibiotic treatment is causing my "chicken skin" (normally limited to my upper arms) to spread down onto my forearms and it's getting quite itchy. Although I only have this last day of treatment to complete, the last thing I want to do is develop skin issues… Continue reading Rifaximin Treatment, Day 14

Rifaximin Treatment, Day 13

9:00 am Things remaining pretty consistent at this point. Thinking has remained fairly clear, pressure in head increasing and decreasing over time (seems like the ebb and flow of the antibiotic effects). Been waking up late again unfortunately - I've been much more tired the past few days but it's also been dark and rainy… Continue reading Rifaximin Treatment, Day 13

Rifaximin Treatment, Day 12

9:00 am - Almost at the end. Still haven't reached the same level of near-complete symptom relief that I was experiencing during the first week. My thinking has consistently been clearer that usual, fortunately, but lately my body has felt "sick". Just heavy, fatigued, and a bit woozy. Something that I hope eases up once… Continue reading Rifaximin Treatment, Day 12

Rifaximin Treatment, Day 11

9:00 am Head feeling pretty clear. Seems like I'm finally snapping out of the depression as well. Thank God. Back to enjoying people and things! Upon Waking (high = bad) Sensitivity to FODMAPS – ?/10 Brain fog – 2/10 Head pressure – 4/10 Bloating – 3/10 Anxiety – 2/10 Depression – 2/10 (high = good)… Continue reading Rifaximin Treatment, Day 11

Rifaximin Treatment, Day 10

7:30 am - woke up feeling pretty refreshed, but was like nah. I'm going back to sleep. 8:30 am - woke up feeling pretty refreshed, but was like, nah. I'm going back to sleep. 9:00 am - woke up feeling pretty groggy. I should get out of bed now. Upon Waking (high = bad) Sensitivity… Continue reading Rifaximin Treatment, Day 10