Rifaximin Post-Treatment, Day 5

8:30 am – Woke up clear headed and pretty refreshed. Still a bit nauseous and depressed, however. Stomach is also sore.

Upon Waking

(high = bad)
Sensitivity to FODMAPS – ?/10
Brain fog – 1/10
Head pressure – 1/10
Bloating – 3/10
Anxiety – 1/10
Depression – 4/10

(high = good)
Overall well being – 7/10

11:00 am – The prebiotic seemed to affect me much more this time around. Head pressure and brain fog increased a lot. Will have to dial back down the dose and let things calm back down. Body still feels pretty good in spite of my cognitive symptoms. Introducing FODMAPs really helps me feel better all over – the issue is that if I take too much, which is a very tiny amount right now, I get a lot of pressure in my head. Going to have to find a happy balance if my sensitivity doesn’t improve.

Come to think of it though, I didn’t pay attention to what part of the prebiotic I was scooping this morning .. I did get more of the “dark” bits this time. As I mentioned before I was scooping from the lighter areas the past few days and it was helping my symptoms dramatically. After a quick and dirty Google images search of each individual ingredient in Prebiogen, I believe the dark parts of the mixture are from beta glucan. It’s interesting because people with fungal overgrowth tend to be sensitive to this..

If I really am only sensitive to the beta glucan and not the other components of Prebiogen (inulin and arabinogalactan), could it be that the antibiotic cleared the SIBO but left fungus behind? The herbal antmicrobials I used to treat my SIBO last time contained many ingredients that were active against fungus as well as bacteria, and I could tolerate Prebiogen completely while I was on it. That’s why I was surprised that the antibiotic didn’t have the same positive result this time around. The fungus explanation would make sense. I’ll have to test this out. Unfortunately it won’t be a good idea to get on the herbal antimicrobials again any time soon as I just slaughtered the bacteria in my intestines with the antibiotic … will have to be more patient in that regard.

7:00 pm – scooped from the lighter part of the prebiotic .. made me feel better without any brain foggy side effects. Looks like this might actually be something. I’ll have to start testing out different types of prebiotics to see what I’m sensitive and not sensitive to.

11:00 pm – Went to bed with the worst depression I’ve ever had in my life, again coming in waves. Also felt nauseous and with a very sore stomach. Head was still relatively clear.


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