Rifaximin Treatment, Day 13

9:00 am Things remaining pretty consistent at this point. Thinking has remained fairly clear, pressure in head increasing and decreasing over time (seems like the ebb and flow of the antibiotic effects). Been waking up late again unfortunately - I've been much more tired the past few days but it's also been dark and rainy… Continue reading Rifaximin Treatment, Day 13


Rifaximin Treatment, Day 8

8:30 - Woke up and took first dose. More groggy waking up today than yesterday. Head still pretty clear in terms of fog and pressure, but just really sleepy. Still coming out of the depression too .. usually takes about a week after I have a reaction. Upon Waking Sensitivity to FODMAPS - ?/10 Brain… Continue reading Rifaximin Treatment, Day 8

Rifaximin Treatment, Day 7

7:30 am - Woke up another half hour earlier feeling completely refreshed. Amazing. At this point I'm waking up without an alarm almost two hours before I would normally wake up. I've gone from needing 9+ hours of sleep to feeling good with less than 7.5 hours. My days are getting longer and longer on… Continue reading Rifaximin Treatment, Day 7

Rifaximin Treatment, Day 6

8:00 pm - Woke up earlier than usual feeling refreshed once again, with a clear mind and hardly any pressure in my head. Again, this NEVER used to happen before I started taking the antibiotics. Unfortunately still really depressed from the food reaction yesterday. But I'll take the improvement. Took my first dose with a… Continue reading Rifaximin Treatment, Day 6

Rifaximin Treatment, Day 5

8:30 am - Woke up and took first dose. Pressure in head hasn't really let up since yesterday morning. Although pressure in my head and my brain fog usually coincide, it seems like my brain fog is relatively mild as I'm not having trouble speaking and holding conversations like I usually do when my symptoms… Continue reading Rifaximin Treatment, Day 5

Rifaximin Treatment, Day 4

8:30 am Woke up feeling pretty nauseous with a sore stomach. Pretty foggy too. Really tired. Had a later night than usual too so this is also probably throwing me off. Seems like I've been cycling between lower lows and higher highs on this antibiotic as the days go on. Hopefully the lows become farther… Continue reading Rifaximin Treatment, Day 4

Rifaximin Treatment, Day 3

8:45 - Woke up in rough shape. Was having crazy vivid dreams all night (also typical of my die-off symptoms) and woke up pretty foggy and unrefreshed. Took first Rifaximin dose of the day. Upon waking (high = bad) Sensitivity to FODMAPS - 7/10 Brain fog - 4/10 Head pressure - 4/10 Bloating - 3/10… Continue reading Rifaximin Treatment, Day 3

Rifaximin Treatment, Day 2

8:30 am - Woke up an hour earlier than normal today feeling pretty nice and refreshed (not the usual case) and relatively clear headed. Upon waking (high = bad) Sensitivity to FODMAPS - 8/10 Brain fog - 2/10 Head pressure - 2/10 Bloating - 2/10 Anxiety - 1/10 Depression - 1/10 (high = good) Overall… Continue reading Rifaximin Treatment, Day 2

Rifaximin Treatment, Day 1

As mentioned in previous posts, I'll be documenting my successes/failures with Rifaximin treatment over its 14 day course and beyond. Specifically I'll be reporting on its effects on my characteristic SIBO issues - sensitivity to FODMAPs, brain fog, head pressure, bloating, anxiety and depression, and overall well-being. Throughout the treatment I will be eating small… Continue reading Rifaximin Treatment, Day 1

Got Rifaximin!

Huzzah! My Rifaximin will be ready for pickup at my pharmacy tomorrow. Ironically my symptoms (which have been pretty bad the past few weeks) have all of a sudden been clearing up a lot since I woke up this morning so now I'm torn as to whether I want to take the antibiotic right away.… Continue reading Got Rifaximin!