Rifaximin Post-Treatment, Day 1

9:00 am – Woke up feeling pretty clear headed, with mild head pressure. Mood also much better than it has been the past week or so. Stomach still grumbly, but surprisingly no bloating. Took small amounts of Prebiogen again (the light parts of the powder at least..) this morning and tolerated it quite well. Good early signs.

I have a bad tendency to take more of a supplement when I find it’s improving my symptoms, and in the past Prebiogen has been one of them. Prebiotics can have pretty strong effects on the gut, and quite often a dosage increase ends up going poorly for me. I get overconfident when I’m feeling good, and I want to feel even better, so I take more. With the start date of my masters program looming over me, I get impatient and want to feel better as soon as possible. This always bites me in the ass symptom-wise and sets me back in my healing. Worse yet, it makes me more sensitive to prebiotics the next time around. Really going to try hard to prevent that now and in the future.

Upon Waking

(high = bad)
Sensitivity to FODMAPS – ?/10
Brain fog – 2/10
Head pressure – 2/10
Bloating – 0/10
Anxiety – 2/10
Depression – 1/10

(high = good)
Overall well being – 7.5/10

Note: Symptoms still coming and going in waves, but so far the ebbs are much less intense than they were yesterday.


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