Rifaximin Treatment, Day 13

9:00 am Things remaining pretty consistent at this point. Thinking has remained fairly clear, pressure in head increasing and decreasing over time (seems like the ebb and flow of the antibiotic effects). Been waking up late again unfortunately – I’ve been much more tired the past few days but it’s also been dark and rainy here in Niagara during that time. Still feeling that unpleasant “sick” feeling too. Mood continuing to improve but this may be more related to recovering from the food reaction last week rather than effects from the antibiotic. Despite the overall improvement in mood, however, I’ve still been going through some intense mood swings that coincide with the worsening of the rest of my symptoms.

One more day and then I can work on replenishing my gut and hoping for continued improvement.

Upon Waking

(high = bad)
Sensitivity to FODMAPS – ?/10
Brain fog – 2/10
Head pressure – 3/10
Bloating – 3/10
Anxiety – 2/10
Depression – 2.5/10

(high = good)
Overall well being – 6/10


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