Rifaximin Treatment, Day 6

8:00 pm – Woke up earlier than usual feeling refreshed once again, with a clear mind and hardly any pressure in my head. Again, this NEVER used to happen before I started taking the antibiotics. Unfortunately still really depressed from the food reaction yesterday. But I’ll take the improvement.

Took my first dose with a tiny amount of Prebiogen. Okay, so maybe the prebiotics really are still bothering me, or maybe just this specific supplement, because the same brain fog and head pressure that went away after cutting them out yesterday came back pretty shortly after taking it today. I want to cut all FODMAPs back out and hope I get back to normal again without them, but whenever I try to cut out FODMAPs completely for more than a few days my body always feels awful, so I’m torn. I keep getting tastes of feeling really good on this antibiotic – just gotta stick with it and find what works food-wise.

Upon Waking

Sensitivity to FODMAPS – 8/10
Brain fog – 1/10
Head pressure – 1/10
Bloating – 3/10
Anxiety – 2/10
Depression – 8/10 (because of the food reaction yesterday)

(high = good)
Overall well being – 6/10

4:00 pm – Took dose number 2. Brain fog and head pressure has been gradually clearing up since I took Prebiogen this morning.

11:00 pm – – Took dose number 3. Brain fog and head pressure has cleared up substantially since this morning.


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