Rifaximin Treatment, Day 5

8:30 am – Woke up and took first dose. Pressure in head hasn’t really let up since yesterday morning. Although pressure in my head and my brain fog usually coincide, it seems like my brain fog is relatively mild as I’m not having trouble speaking and holding conversations like I usually do when my symptoms are bad. Mood is still good as well.

Early trends:
– It seems like in each day of my treatment so far the symptoms start off more intense early on in the day, then let up as the day goes on, then gets intense again the next morning. My Rifaximin doses are equally spread out throughout the day so I’m thinking something else might be causing this pattern. I usually consume small amounts of FODMAP foods earlier in the day (Prebiogen with breakfast, some navy beans with lunch) so I’m going to try holding off on them and see if the inflammation settles a bit.
– Considering getting back on curcumin to help control the inflammation as well since things began to go more downhill after cutting it out.
– Was doing really well the first 3 days of treatment. In between periods of pretty intense die-off were periods of feeling *almost* totally normal, which I haven’t felt in a very long time. Even during the heavier periods of die-off (in which I was experiencing an increase in head pressure, headaches, and nausea) I noticed my thinking was much clearer than usual, I was more relaxed, more motivated, and in a better mood.
– Despite my symptoms having intensified and not having experienced the same periods of feeling normal since then, I’m still doing pretty decently overall.
– All things considered, I would take my symptoms now over my symptoms before I started the antibiotics. Really hoping things improve however as the pressure in my skull is really bugging me.

Upon Waking

(high = bad)
Sensitivity to FODMAPS – 7/10
Brain fog – 5/10
Head pressure – 7/10
Bloating – 4/10
Anxiety – 4/10
Depression – 2/10

(high = good)
Overall well being – 5/10

4:00 pm – took second dose. Pressure in head still going strong. Brain pretty foggy too. Both coming in waves. Seems like prebiotics weren’t causing problems as I don’t feel a whole lot different than yesterday, so I’ll get back on those tomorrow. Realized that the reason I keep getting better as the day goes on is because I’ve been taking my probiotics in the middle of the day and they help with my inflammation.

I also started taking curcumin again with each meal to help lessen the pressure in my head and it’s been helping.

11:00 pm – Took last dose of the day. Head has cleared up dramatically since dinner which is exciting. Relieved, and hope things continue to improve tomorrow.

11:30 pm – Slight problem – a couple months ago I tried supplementing with high EPA omega-3s to help with my thinking, which initially helped a lot but after a month started to give me really horrible depression. Since then I haven’t been able eat fish without the depression coming back. Pretty sure can now include quinoa on that list and probably any other omega-3 containing food, as last night for dinner I ate it and a few hours later I suddenly started feeling really depressed again – the few hour delay and the quick onset is exactly how it happens when I eat fish. Pretty crappy as I love quinoa (and fish), but I’ve been replacing it with buckwheat for carbs lately anyways. Sucks but what can you do.


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