Rifaximin Treatment, Day 4

8:30 am Woke up feeling pretty nauseous with a sore stomach. Pretty foggy too. Really tired. Had a later night than usual too so this is also probably throwing me off. Seems like I’ve been cycling between lower lows and higher highs on this antibiotic as the days go on. Hopefully the lows become farther and fewer between.

Upon waking

(high = bad)
Sensitivity to FODMAPS – 7/10
Brain fog – 6/10
Head pressure – 6/10
Bloating – 4/10
Anxiety – 5/10
Depression – 5/10

(high = good)
Overall well being – 5/10

4:00 pm – Took second dose.

4:30 pm – Been feeling my worst since being on the antibiotics. Brain foggy, stomach sore, pressure in head, skin is sore, nauseous. Symptoms haven’t been letting up all day. Despite all that if it wasn’t for the brain fog getting pretty intense I’d actually be feeling pretty good right now. Mood is still good and anxiety and depression have dropped since waking up. Staying positive.

11:00 pm Took third dose. What I’m hoping are just die-off symptoms have still been going strong, but did start easing somewhat after dinner and onwards. Thinking tomorrow is gonna be tough as well.


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