Rifaximin Treatment, Day 3

8:45 – Woke up in rough shape. Was having crazy vivid dreams all night (also typical of my die-off symptoms) and woke up pretty foggy and unrefreshed. Took first Rifaximin dose of the day.

Upon waking

(high = bad)
Sensitivity to FODMAPS – 7/10
Brain fog – 4/10
Head pressure – 4/10
Bloating – 3/10
Anxiety – 3/10
Depression – 3/10

(high = good)
Overall well being – 5/10

Seem to be tolerating FODMAPs a bit better so far. Was able to reintroduce small amounts of tomato yesterday for lunch and dinner, which I was having trouble with before the treatment likely due to its small fructose content. Also seemed to tolerate my prebiotic better this morning than yesterday. Will try to increase these amounts as the treatment progresses.

2:30 pm – Started to feel worse before lunch, which got even worse after lunch. Now, about an hour later, my head is really bugging me (brain fog and pressure), headache is back, anxiety and depression are worse. I tried putting two small tomatoes in my salad today since having one went well yesterday, but hard to tell if it affected me or not over my die-off symptoms. Took my probiotics which is helping with the inflammation a bit.

4:00 pm – Took second dose. Was feeling really crappy all afternoon. Die off was getting really intense.

5-7:30 pm – felt GREAT. Almost felt normal for the first time in … forever. Head was clear, felt good all over with zero anxiety or depression. Focused and could hold conversations easily, which is normally an issue. Pressure in head was very low. Just felt awesome and motivated. Helps ease my mind knowing this good feeling followed after feeling so rough all day.

8:00 + – Still feeling good except brain fog and head pressure is coming and going in waves. More die off. Gonna take advantage of feeling good and go see some friends tonight.


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