Rifaximin Treatment, Day 2

8:30 am – Woke up an hour earlier than normal today feeling pretty nice and refreshed (not the usual case) and relatively clear headed.

Upon waking

(high = bad)
Sensitivity to FODMAPS – 8/10
Brain fog – 2/10
Head pressure – 2/10
Bloating – 2/10
Anxiety – 1/10
Depression – 1/10

(high = good)
Overall well being – 7/10

– Took my first daily dose of rifaximin upon waking. Ate buckwheat and spinach with olive oil for breakfast (restricted diet life). Felt pretty good until after I ate. My brain fog is worse again and mood has dipped a bit, but whenever I’m going through an antimicrobial regimen this usually happens after I eat breakfast. I think this happens because my body is increasing its absorption of things in the gut while digesting the new meal, and since there’s still bacteria dying off during my sleep there’s a lot of bacterial waste products lying around that haven’t been absorbed during my fasted state. Also the symptoms are coming in waves (i.e. getting worse then better over and over), and that’s usually typical of my die-off symptoms. Also took a tiny amount of my prebiotic supplement that I’m trying to gain tolerance to so I’m sure that’s contributing to the symptoms at least a little bit.

Gonna go to the gym now and try to sweat some of it out.

2:00 pm – Just ate lunch. Ate a small tomato to get a bit of fructose into the mix, and no issues. Good sign as I’ve been having problems with tomatoes recently (in the past they’ve been fine for me as they only contain a relatively small amount of fructose compared to other “fruits”).

I decided to take my probiotics at lunch to give them some space between the antibiotic doses. I’m going to cut out the quercitin and curcumin because apparently they can interact with some antibiotics. Will still be supplementing with L-glutamine, digestive enzymes, the prebiotics and the probiotics.

I’ve also had a pretty good headache going since breakfast. A constant pressure in my head as well. Still feels more like die-off than anything else.

4:00 pm – Took second dose of the day.

11:00 pm – About to take dose numero tre. Feeling weird .. focused but in a slightly too much kind of way. Maybe I’m just not used to being able to focus. Lots of pressure in head too but actually thinking pretty clearly. Headache has been persistent all day, and I keep cycling between good moods and bad moods. I feel like tomorrow is going to be a rough day.


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