Rifaximin Treatment, Day 1

As mentioned in previous posts, I’ll be documenting my successes/failures with Rifaximin treatment over its 14 day course and beyond. Specifically I’ll be reporting on its effects on my characteristic SIBO issues – sensitivity to FODMAPs, brain fog, head pressure, bloating, anxiety and depression, and overall well-being.

Throughout the treatment I will be eating small amounts of FODMAP foods, as well small amounts of a prebiotic supplement called Prebiogen to make sure I’m getting at least a few different types of prebiotics daily. The idea here is to feed the bacteria and keep them happy in order to kill them, and I’m using this method again because it worked well for me on my past round of the herbal antimicrobials. I’m also hoping that it will promote the growth of beneficial microbes instead of bad ones once the SIBO has been cleared. I will slowly try to work up my intake of FODMAPs as I advance through the 14 days.

In terms of supplements, I’m taking a digestive enzyme, Magnesium glycinate to keep the intestines moving, curcumin, quercitin, and glutamine. In addition, I’m going to take my usual probiotics (VSL #3 sachets, BioGaia Gastrus) throughout the treatment and try to space them as far apart from the Rifaximin doses as much as possible.

My dosage schedule for Rifaximin is 550 mg 3x daily for 14 weeks.

Here goes nothing.

1:40 pm – Took my first dose after lunch. My symptoms have actually been better than usual the past few days, but they will serve as my baseline. If we’re going to scale them out of 10, with 0 being a perfect score for each symptom except well-being (where 10 is a perfect score):

(high = bad)
Sensitivity to FODMAPS – 8/10
Brain fog – 6/10
Head pressure – 5/10
Bloating – 4/10
Anxiety – 6/10
Depression – 3/10

(high = good)
Overall well being – 4/10

5:30 pm – Mood dipped, brain fog increased, and bloating increased about an hour after taking the first dose. This was expected due to the inflammation I was creating with the antibiotics. Those symptoms are starting to let off now and I’m feeling clearer headed than before the antibiotics. Hopefully a sign of things to come.

10:00 pm – Took my second dose of Rifaximin. Will only be taking two out of the usual three doses today as I started the regimen midday. I gotta say that even after the first pill my brain fog had decreased significantly by 7 pm, and I just feel way more calm, focused, and better all over. Haven’t felt this way in a while. But there’s still 14 days to go on this thing. Hopefully things continue to improve.


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