My name is Carlo, and this is my blog, Think Again. This blog is intended to be a space where I can share information that has helped me heal from gut issues, which have not only caused problems with digestion and food sensitivities but also significant extra-intestinal symptoms – most notably an interference in my ability to think and focus. The it “brain fog.” In a future post I’ll give a more thorough account of everything that’s happened so far, including my symptoms, and will also be keeping the blog up to date with any developments as I try to navigate my way back to health. Other related topics will be free game as well.
Although my journey to regaining full health is still in progress, I’ve definitely come a long way since I started, and I believe the information I’ve learned and strategies I’ve used will be of use to those starting on the same path and experiencing similar issues. If you are someone currently experiencing food sensitivities, mental health issues, gut issues, autoimmune disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, or just someone that hasn’t felt at their best health, I hope that there is information in this blog that might end up being useful to you. Despite the skeptical look you’ve received from your medical doctor, the science is becoming increasingly clear that often the health of your gut microbiome, and consequently the foods you eat, can play a big role in the progression of these types of illnesses. Being unaware of this can add years of searching for answers, or worse yet, simply accepting your condition as either purely psychological or without cause. Time would be better spent on actually fixing your health.
My goal is for this blog to eventually become a forum to explore gut disorders from biological, psychological, social, medical, and environmental perspectives, and by doing so, become a place where I and other patients can exchange information and hopefully accelerate all of our progress towards proper health. Furthermore, as awareness and education about these issues increase, which ironically seems to be happening everywhere except the medical community, I believe it will put more pressure on doctors to start listening to our experiences, getting up to speed on the research, and becoming active in restoring our health rather than sticking bandaids everywhere. In the meantime, there is useful and accessible research out there that we can turn to and us patients will need to pick up the slack. I’ve learned firsthand that when dismissed by doctors, knowledge is your next best chance at getting better.
So welcome to my notebook on gut-brain health, and all associated topics.

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